Friday, October 10, 2014

Walking with God

MIC meeting today 

As a very young child continuously asked
himself "who am I ?"
Lost father when young
2004 collapsed 
Turning point
Career downturn
And wife very ill with cancer

Daily sought God
Point of no return
Devoid of own resources
Surrender to God

Need to spend time with God

When we feel in control,
During happy moments 
tend to be complacent

During trials and temptations recognize our need of God
Study his word

Cross of suffering (Jesus on the cross)
Vs cross of victory (Empty cross)
Both are the same cross

You are never alone 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Proud Humility

Using Marvy Marker
For inktober 

Dolled up for inktober

Jeremy's early Christian walk
What did the Corinthian believers boast about ?

Take home message 3 questions
Turning to God only as a last resort?

Why put your trust in these?
Life is transient 

Self pride says I can do it myself

True humility invites power of Christ in your life