Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Exercise Authority

Take home message

Are YOU upset with the authority that Jesus is exerting over you?

Not wrong to struggle
Not wrong to question God
God wants you to be honest with him
God wants you to have right relationship with him

Here is how:
Repent from Sin
Surrender specific areas of your life

Seven deadly sins
Good habit to take a daily inventory
Have I....

Surrender specific areas of your life
Jesus is either Lord of all
or not Lord at all.

Jesus has complete authority over your life 
or no authority at all.

Is Jesus President of your life
or merely resident?

Who is in the driver's seat?

3 areas you may need to surrender

Monday, March 30, 2015

20150330 Exposing

Holy Week

Exposing barrenness
Cleansing of temple
Cursing of fig tree
Rev Dr Tan Siang Yang
Text Mark 11:12-25

Denouncing the temple
Cursing of  the temple
Exposing the barren lives

Tree with many  leaves but without fruit
it was pre-season
therefore should have delicate small sweet pre-season fruit
Tree was all show with no fruit
Temple was all show with no fruit

Many affluent churches
attempt to bring MBA business world ways into church
Bigger Better Faster Newer
Dangerous being caught up with numbers
These are the outward show
these are the leaves

Do not try to great things for God
Instead simply do things for a great God

God may say
"I want you to nothing for 3 months"
"I want you to go into the wilderness  for 3 months"

We can only do small things with great love (Mother Teresa)

Or God may say to you
"I want you to do a big thing"

Not so much understand the word
but stand under the word!

Primary goal of church is NOT growth
Primary goal of church is GOD

Buzz for
or Servant Leadership
BUT Jesus emphasis was on servanthood 
Jesus has called all of us to servanthood 

The heart of the matter is
the mater of the heart

Loving Jesus
Loving others
NEVER in your own strength
BUT empowered by Holy Spirit

Confidence in God
(Faith can move mountains)
(Trust God)
(Talk with God)

With brokenness comes repentance

We can bear FRUIT only through

The tree was cursed and withered
The temple was reprimanded and replaced by Jesus

Sunday, March 29, 2015

20150329 HOW

Palm Sunday

29 March 2015
Wesley Methodist Church
Rev Dr Tan Siang Yang
Text Matt 21:1-11
Entering Jerusalem
HOW will you respond to Jesus the Messiah

Humility was the mark of Jesus
Humility is an important central part of Christian life

Success, wealth, education
Danger of pride and materialism

vs The way of the cross
At the end of the rope

When you say
"I can't do it"
you become a conduit for God

God can take over

not for the proud

Obedience of faith by grace

Key is not knowledge
but transformation

NOT the obedience of self effort

John 15:5
Without me you can do nothing

Self-sufficient is playing at religion
Stop trying so hard (in your own strength)

Give up control
Give up self
"Please help me"
"Fill me with your presence"
Be powered by Holy Spirit

Exchanged life principle
(Hudson Taylor)
Not I but God

A happened life
God gives us by grace

God saves
Thousands and thousands greeted Jesus

Who is this Jesus?
King of Kings

But soon their worship weakened
to weak worship
then to waffling
then to wickedness and rejection


three major false temples
not sinful in themselves
but so easily we replace Jesus with these

Temple of PLEASURE

Temple of POWER
- achievement

Temple of LOVE

HOW will you respond to Jesus the Messiah?
With Humility
With Obedience
With Worship

Friday, March 27, 2015

Malachi Part 5

Malachi Part 5
Text Malachi 4:1-6
Benny Ho
Toa Payoh Methodist Church
Friday 27 March 2015

1) The Unchanging love of God
2) Set your heart to worship God
     Heart of honour
     Life of Authenticity
     Attitude of Gratitude
3) Set your heart to honour God
    Honour Call to priesthood
    Honour Character of God
    Honour Covenant of marriage
4) Four phases of revival
5) The day of the Lord
     Wicked will see Retribution of God
     Righteous will see Reward from God
     Church will Repent and Return to God
Live in reality of Malachi 4:2b
Go out and leap...

In Daniel Defo's Robinson Crusoe, his side kick Man Friday asks
"Why doesnt God destroy the devil?"
Robinson correctly answers "God will destroy him".

No if
no but
no maybe.
God will destroy his enemies.
Do not be deceived
God will not be mocked.

God sends us his bills
He writes them
He may not collect them now
but collect them he will.
The day of collection will come.
The day of the Lord.
Surely the day is coming
It will burn like a furnace Mal 4:1

Mal 3:16
Then those who fear the Lord talked with each other
and the Lord listened and heard.
A scroll of remembrance was
written in his presence concerning
 those who feared the Lord
and honoured his name.

Every tear cried is counted and remembered by God.

     Wicked will see Retribution of God

The furnace "carno" is the wrath of God.
Exceedingly hot.
Wicked will burn like stubble
like dry straw.
All will burn completely
No root or branch will remain.
No life left
no hope of regeneration
No redemption.
Only retribution.

At the first coming Jesus came as Saviour.
At the second coming He will come as Judge.

At Hiroshima where the first atom bomb was used in war, the temperature at the epicentre was estimated to be 6000 degrees. All incinerated. Nothing left.

Such it will be at the day of the Lord.
Hell is real
Eternal judgement is real.
Hellfire is real.

Story is told of a young girl seated to an old man in an aeroplane.
She is reading a bible.
"Do you really believe all that stuff?" the old man asks.
"Sure I do" she answer confidently.
"Then how did the whale swallow Jonah?" the old man asks.
"I dont know" she says, "but when I get to heaven I will ask him."
"But what if there is no heaven" the old man challenges.
"Then you ask him" was the sweet reply.

Samuel Coleridge was presiding over a boxing match and reading bible at the same time.
One contestant complained that his opponent had told him to "Go to hell"
"Good news" Samuel replied,"The rule book says you don't have to go!".

  Righteous will see Reward from God
Not only will the sun of righteousness rise
but he will have healing in his wings.

Referring to the time when the haemorrhoissa was healed, Ps Benny went on to expand on "Hem" of robe, probably the tassel of the prayer shawl, the sign of authority reminding of God's law: the need to believe and act on the promises of God.
The Hebrew word for corner is "kanuph" is also the word for wing.

  Church will Repent and Return to God

There is promise for
and to have the enemy under our feet.

The kingdom as come
but not in its fullness.

We fight the battle
but in knowledge that we are fighting on the winners side.

We already have freedom
If the son sets you free,
you will be free indeed.

The day of the Lord
     Wicked will see Retribution of God
     Righteous will see Reward from God
     Church will Repent and Return to God
Live in reality of Malachi 4:2b
Go out and leap...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Malachi Part 3

Malachi Part 3
Text Malachi 2: 1-16
Ps Benny Ho
Toa Payoh Methodist Church
26 March 2015

Honour vs dishonour
Dishonour had a deep impact on us.
Premier of china was dishonoured in public by American Secretary of State.
Resulted in 20 year rift in relationships.
Dishonour had a deep impact on humans.
How much more for God.God was dishonoured by the priesthood

The phrase "set your heart"
implies active decision of will
decide on the inside to honour God

Example of honour attached to name
Alexander the Great had a soldier under him named Alexander
Soldier Alexander had behaved badly and was brought to Alexander
What is your name? Asked Alexander the Great 
"Alexander" was the reply
To which he received a resounding slap that felled him.
He stood up again.
What is your name? Asked Alexander the Great 
"Alexander" was the reply
To which he received a resounding slap that felled him.
He stood up again
What is your name? Asked Alexander the Great 
"It is really Alexander" was the reply
"Then act like it" said Alexander the great

Sum total of who God is is vested in His name.

For their bad behavior the priests are told
The blessings will be cursed
And they themselves will be disgraced
Made ceremonially impure by having ofal of their faces
And carted off with the ofal,
dumped beyond the city wall
to be burned....

We are to set our heart to honour God by
1) Honouring the call to priesthood
Covenant of Levi
Covenant of life and peace
We are priests
we stand before God to represent the people
we stand before the people to represent God

We are to 
make a stand
Truth is truth
Honour God more than we honour man

To honour the character of God we need to follow his ways
Walk in holiness
Obey him fully

Honour the covenant of marriage
God is a faithful God
He wants us to be faithful

On a business trip
after a shower, wrapped in a towel
man found a half naked woman in his bed.
"Who are you?"
"Sent by your business partner?'
"Please go away, I am a Christian"
"Are all Singaporeans like you?
He was able to resist this temptation because of fear of the lOrd.

We are to set our heart to honour God by
1) Honouring the call to priesthood
2) Honouring the character of God
3) Honouring the covenant of marriage

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