Monday, February 16, 2015

Acts2Church Day 17 Galatians Ch 5&6

Freedom thru Christ

Stand firm
Don't take on the burden of the yoke of slavery to the law

If you want righteousness though following the law you have to follow the whole law

(And none of us can do it)

The only thing that counts is faith

And if there is no love there can not be faith.

(Yet not by works but by faith)

He who has ears let him hear
(And obey)

The fruit of the spirit vs fruit of the flesh

My take home message from thus passage
Continue to do good
What counts is a new creation, transformation 

I have been transformed
I seek to help others to be transformed through community dvelopmemt

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Acts2Church Day 16 Galatians Ch 3-4

Acts2church Day 15 Galatians Ch 1&2

The take home message for me was to share the true gospel to the "Gentiles", ie those who have not heard:

Those who want to be rescued
(Non- jargon phrase for in need of salvation)

Build relationship 
Move from known to unknown
Avoid jargon
By the Spirit!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I am Jubilee!

Take home message for me
In his mission statement Luke 4:16-21 Jesus declares He is  5Dimensional Jubilee, beyond time and space: 

A favour calls for a response
Grace calls for faith

He calls us to be benefacteers of this favour
That we may be benefactors of this favour to others.