Sunday, July 12, 2015

Walking with God, self, family and environment

My training walk today was a Divine experience!

I had planned a 3 hour 15 km walk as part of my build up to my 50 km walk on Sept 5. That day it should take 10-12 hours . In the end I did 10 km today in 2 hours .and how glorious those two hours were.

I started by counting my paces, stating to found each pace  (right foot left foot = 1) on the right foot,7,8,9,10
And so on till 100 paces when I fold a finger on left hand and count again
Approximately 600 paces every 5 minutes 

Pacing helps me focus on walking. It keeps my pace steady.

Then I tried music: my iPhone music used to help me rollerblade, so why not listen to music while walking
So I did a few more kilometers walking with music
Classical music
Christian music
It helps me feel good
It helped me build my relationship with myself.

Then I got whatsapp message from wife
And we has a few minutes pleasant whatapping
Walking and building relationship with wife.

Then I decided, if I can talk with wife while walking, I can talk with God while walking.
And I did!

So as I walked, and appreciated the environment (another dimension of my wholistic relational experience of this walk) I said to God in my inner voice "Hello God".
And He says to me (all this in my inner sense, more than imagination, yet not an audible voice)
" Hello Su Min"

"Errr.... it's nice to talk with you like this God"
"Yes it is indeed"

(now as I write this  some 15 hours later, I can't quite remember all the exact words, but it was as real as any conversation can get and went on for about 15 minutes)
"sorry I don't do this often enough"
"It's okay"

And God also said to me something like "you don't have to say anything, just being with me is good enough"

I also committed in prayer as I walked my friends with who were grieving with the recent death of a loved one and those with medical problems
and I received the assurance that God would take care of them.
This inner voice experience was awesome.

I want to go walking again!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Amos David Absalom


Amos was one of the Twelve Minor Prophets. Amos wrote at a time of relative peace and prosperity and neglect of religion. He spoke against an increased disparity between the very wealthy and the very poor. His major themes of social justice, God's omnipotence, and divine judgment became staples of prophecy. 
Two of his teachings are:
Prayers and sacrifices do not make up for bad deeds.
Behaving justly is much more important than ritual .

Fast forwards
Another Amos, 16 going on 17, has hit the headlines.
This Amos has a life of choices and decisions ahead of him.

Davidand Absalom
Hence my comparison to David and Absalom.
David had made many decisions in his life.
Many right ones and a few wrong ones.
When he went astray he was brought back in repentance to align with God.
Absalom on the other hand continued to make many wrong decisions.
Some blame his parents for poor upbringing, but at the end of the day each of us must be responsible for our own decisions.
Absalalom lead armed rebellion against his father.
Fleeing on horseback from David's army, at the battle of Ephraim wood Absalom's hair was caught in the branches of an oak tree.
Joab came and thrust three darts into him. killing him.

Moral of the story
At the end of the day each of us must be responsible for our own decisions.