Sunday, May 24, 2015

Seeking the welfare of the city

This sketchnote was created on iPad using software Paper_by_53.

And their hardware: Pencil_by_53.

As I progressed I decided to do repeated saves, partly as backup and partly to document my processs.

One of the things I did was divide the area into a 3x3 grid. This helped me navigate as I used the "magnify" option of Paper_by_53.

Another "note to self "... 
Duplicate file from time to time:
 Plus button is held down for a long time.
"Duplicdte" button appears: click to duplicate.

Next note to self 
Scribe within the Magnify circle
(launch magnify with reverse pinch)

As the grid was filling up I erased the "notes to self" and filled with text

This was the completed chart: not the most elegant of my sketchnotes: minimum graphics
But on the slope of a steep learning curve. I will improve!
Main take home points from technical point of view 
Doable to sketchnote on iPad
Get good stylus
Practice practice practice
3x3 grid is good
+/- can delete grid lines?
or use light grey for grid?
Duplicate file often

The sermon:
Bishop Rev Wee Boon Hup
24 May 2015
Wesley Methodist Church

Today we celebrate SG50, 150 years of Methodism in Singapore and Aldersgate 

Bishop Wee recalls a song he sang as a youth
"this world is not my home"
And reflected on the tension between wanting to be in heaven, vs on earth.

The bible text Jeremiah 29:7

Speaking to Jews in exile in Babylon
Pilgrims, aliens
Exhorting them to seek the welfare, wellbeing of the country they were exiled to
And speaking to us 
Exhorting us to seek the welfare, wellbeing of the country we are "exiled" to.

We are to do this because
In its welfare we will find our welfare.

Man's way: look after yourself first.
God's way: look after others first.

We in Singapore
Don't care about other people
tend to be navel gazing
care about iurselves only
care about our church only

God is other-focused
God so loved the world 
John 3:16
Jesus: The second commandment is of equal value
Love your neighbour

If you really love God you must love your neighbour.

How do you seek the welfare of a foreign country?
One: Attitude
make it your home
Consider you will be there for many generations
Two: Pray
         Provide feedback not complaints
         participate in the provision of improvement

Don't pray for God to bless our dreams
but ask God what are his plans

Three: keep on the lookout for false prophets
A) Christian
B) Secular: who predict doom and gloom from
"Rational arguments"

Do not despise prophecy but test them
1 Thess 5
Hold fast to what is good
Jer 33:3 Plans to prosper 

John Wesley 
1) The whole world was his parish 
his work transformed England

2) What is our mission?
To reform the nation
And spread scriptural holiness

3) Witness of Methodists in Singapore
Allowed themselves to benefit but not others
"Where are the poor in Singapore?" they say.
But the poor are there
In the cracks
Not visible to general society

You have benefitted
Work that the poor may receive the peace and prosperity that you have recieved.

I showed Bishop Wee my sketchnote and I apologized  that my Holy Spirit looked more like a Holy Chicken.
He had a good laugh.