Sunday, April 20, 2014

Resurrection: Missing!

Word association
Kiasu = Singaporean
Apple = iphone
Samsung = galaxy
Missing = MH 370
                 saewo ferry

Plane disappears
Different theories
Events that change the world

Jesus disappears
Different theories
Events that change the world

Stolen body theory
Disciples made up story theory

Wrong tomb theory
Swoon theory

Yet changed lives of disciples and others who claim Jesus is alive testify to the fact of the resurrection

Many of us here today 
Powerful witness of the resurrection
Resurrection is at the centre of the Christian faith.

What does that mean to you?
Plane disappears
Different theories
Events that change the world


Gives us hope
Not merely to exist.

God has given us new birth.
Makes the soul lively and vigorous.

We can survive
40 days without food
8 days without water
4 minutes without air
Not a second without hope.

No hope leads to depression and destruction.

What is your primary source of hope?

These don't give living hope.

How does Jesus give us living hope?

Our past sin
Missed the mark
Trying to be our own savior
God gives us a second chance
New start in life
Forgive our sins

How do we know?

Because Jesus arose from the dead.

Jesus effective in clearing our debt to sin.

You can't get to the present until you let go of the past

Need to be honest about the past to three persons
1) yourself
2) God
3) another human

Resurrection gives you hope for the present
There is always hope
No matter what happens.

Circumstances may not change at the pace you want
But according to God's own timing.

He does promise he will be with you.
He is alive
He can hold you
Walk with you in the deepest darkest moments of life.

Into your time of darkness
Jesus comes to sustain you
He says
"Trust me I have gone through the darkest pit
I will see you through"

Testimony: Mary had multiple sclerosis and cancer
She says: there is no doubt that God is with me.

Jesus walks with you in your present.

God will walk with you in your future.
"I am the resurrection and the life."
When your loved ones die you grieve but you can grieve with hope.

If you have not done so before you can invite Jesus to be leader of your life.

(Many times pastor makes this invitation but I don't write it down: 
today I did: perhaps you may want to respond)

Do you have a living relationship with Jesus?
Do you want to?
If so you can say to God something like this...

"God I have not figured it all out.
But I believe Jesus rose from the dead.

Because of his resurrection 
I have hope of my past
Hope for my present and 
Hope for my future.

From today Jesus will you be leader of my life?"

If you have said this to God please let someone know.
Email or FB me! Or any Christian friend.

We will help you know more.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Resurrection Sunday
Sunrise Service
20 April 2014
Ps Jeremy Ong
I have seen the risen Lord
John 20:1-18

People can't strop talking of a life changing experience.

Three of the first people to see the risen Christ

Mary : woman not a credible witness in their eyes
John and Peter: saw the risen Christ and went home

Mary weeping
When she recognizes Jesus is told
go and tell

Not some deep theological thought but
Her relationship with Jesus is restored
Both now while alive on earth
And in the age to come

Not just the empty tomb
But the risen Christ is with us
To be encountered

That your message might be:
I have seen the risen lord
He is risen indeed.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Friday

Platinum Carbon Black Ink
Hero 366 pen
Inside cover church bulletin

Good Friday
Wesley Methodist Church Singapore
Rev Joel Yonng
Text: Luke 23:39-43

Zaccheus view of Jesus was blocked by the crowd
But in faith he climbed a tree to see Jesus

There is no more amazing view in his world than that of Jesus Christ.

What is blocking your view?
How do you unblock it?
Luke 8:43-48
Bleeding woman
Blocked by crowd
She stooped down and reached forth in faith to reach Jesus

Blind Bartimeus
Blocked by the crowd who told him to keep quiet
But he shouted out in faith "Jesus"

Paralytic man with four faithful friends
the entire room was filled
blocked by crowd
blocked by wall
blocked by roof.

In faith they climbed to the roof,
made a hole and let him down on his mat

Jesus responded to their "pistis"
their devine persuasion
their deep faith
God is the answer to their problem

Cliff climbing
Joel is 3/4 way up:
feet secure on foothold
each hand secure on a hand hold
to grasp final hand hold
instructor tells him to let go of both hands
and reach up to single handhold with both hands

Sometimes you have to let go of both hands to continue journey with God

What barriers are you facing?
Are they so close that they are blocking/ obscuring/ filling your view?

The Philistine giant Goliath
Terrified the Israelite army
they saw the size of Goliath but did not see the size of God.
1 Sam 17
David did not focus on thesize of Goliath
David focused on the strength of God.

If we only focus on obstacle we are blocked:
The more we talk about them the bigger they seem.
This is reverse faith!
The immobility of the obstacle.

Pistis= faith
Jesus is the answer to your problems
Good Friday

God sees all  our  imperfection
we say wrong things
do wrong things

we were made for something better

constantly weighed down
Heavy mountain on our shoulder
That mountain is sin

God took that mountain away
God took that burden away
Sin has no more hold on us.

but people doubted
how could it be?

God is God of

The love of God and the wrath of God collided on Good Friday

"Remember me"
= Hebrew Zachar
think and act on my situation

God remebered (zachar) Noah when Noah was on the boat in the flood.

The penitent robber
covered in sin
covered in blood
covered in lifetime of crime
needed all these things to gp away
for life in the world to come to be made anew

Today you will be with me in paradise

 Jesus is the answer to all your problems
What people say about you is not so important
What God says about you endures for ever

those who accept God
their names are written in the book of life

Seen from Pluto our planet earth is a small pale blue dot

In despair Carl Sagan, atheist, writes "In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves."

Segan is wrong

Jesus came to die for you
Dont let anything prevent you from coming to him.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday
Maundy =Mandate
A new commandment...
Task: to serve and not to be served

day 41
not everything is under our control

Holy Week
Jesus submits hs will to God
not my will but thine be done

Was God unfair to Judas?
No. Judas was given free choice
Judas was following his own greed

Does not mean we can live carelesly
Acknowledge there is one in control

For passover
big celebration
many details
Not a question of should we celebrate but where...

Man carrying big jar of water on head:
Very unusual
usually woman's work

Out of the ordinary

Prime the pump
give up momentary satisfaction for long term result

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

20140416 Revival

Even F1 cars need pit stop

Wednesday 16 April 2014
Wesley Methodist Church
Pastor Dr Daniel Ho
Text Acts 3:12-26

Seven marks of revival
1) REPENT from sin
2) RETURN to God
3) REMISSION of sin
4) REFRESHING from the Lord
5) RECEIVE Christ
6) RESTORE everything
7) REFORM society

1) REPENT from sin
God wants us to repent from sin as a prerequisite for revival

we do wrong
even as Christians
we need to repent
ask for forgiveness
that we may be clean

that God would come with mercy and grace

2) RETURN to God
that times of refreshing may come

Believe there is a maker
Spectacles have maker
Clothes have maker
Watch has maker
Our bodies have maker

3) REMISSION of sin
Remissions = forgiveness
Unilateral decision of forgiveness
Not waiting for you to be up to the mark
God just wants to forgive you

Done something so bad that it can not be forgiven?
Heavy weight on your shoulders?
Big burden?

No matter how bad
God says "Your sins are forgiven"
Wiped clean
No longer condemned
No longer guilty

There is no one too bad for God
There is no one too good for God

4) REFRESHING from the Lord
Step back
Step down
Give space  to God

Feeling palpitations?
Rush rush rush
No wonder there are so many "Russians" in Singapore

God needs to tap you on the back to say"Slow down"

Even F1 race cars need pit stops.

5) RECEIVE Christ
To be Lord and Savior of your life
He has been appointed for you.

Jesus and only Jesus is the hope of the world

Beginning of transformation

And if you have Jesus you must be willing to share.

eg Mentakali, toilet attendant from India
met in Presidential Palace Abiu Dabai
Ps Daniel met him, shared Gospel, led him to Christ.

 Keys and secrets
turn occasions to opportunities

At coffeeshop look for table with one person
Hello my name is Daniel
What is yours.. Muthu

I am pastor, what do you do? Driver for MBJ
Are you Christian? No I am Indian

clarified: Hindu married two children
calling card given, invited to DUMC

Hallelujah laksa stall PJ
waiting in line
share umbrella
share gospel

At service with altar call, son pushes up father's hand
brings father forward
"My father only understand hokkien"
Pastor Daniel English only
mustered up fractured Hokkien enough to pray
son cried!

Nipah Virus
80 died
many farmers sick (Foochow)
visited hospital
patient needed prayer
Hakka Hokkien pastor with Foochow wife prays in fractured Foochow

Just be thick skinned for Jesus

win one soul and mentor for one year
each of the two you win one soul and mentor for next year
each of the four you win one soul and mentor for next year

how long will it take to save the world?
by year 30: one billion
by year 33: the whole world

6) RESTORE everything
lost time : Locusts have eaten: The canker worms

when revival comes there will be a breakthough.

Bhudddist leader invited for a "meeting" at dream centre
"Everything I heard and saw was good"
"I will bring my son here next Sunday."

7) REFORM society
though your offsprings:
all peoples on earth will be blessed
Church is hope of society
Church is hope of nations
Church is hope of the world

Design of God
Transformation of society
Pulpit ministry is moral barometer of the nation.

Transformation from inside
You and I hold the key

We have been touched by Jesus
We need to let others be touched.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

20140415 Renewal

sermon illustration: different response to tragedy 

Tuesday 15 April 2014
Pastor Dr Daniel Ho
Wesley Methodist Church

Place of suffering
Bible Text 1 Peter 4:12-19

Through suffering our faith is renewed

You and I have the key to transform society

Never did Jesus promise us that life would be easy

Yet, "Tiap tiap hari, God is good!"

Follow God and you will be blessed
the younger you look
the healthier you are

God is a rewarder
wants to bless us
wants to pour out his blessings on us

But following Christ can bring challenges

Some people, when suffering
wonder "I have been faithful, why am I suffering?"

HOW WE SHOULD RESPOND TO SUFFERING (not as a result of our sin)
1) DON'T be surprised 1 Peter 4:12
2) REJOICE 1 Peter 4:13
a) For what suffering do TO us and
b) for what suffering do FOR us

a) suffering do TO us
proves our faith in Christ is real
John 15:18

b) suffering do FOR us
brings out a better person

Small things do not bother a person who has suffered a lot in life .
They are gracious kind grateful

compared to presumptious demanding cocky pushy people who have not suffered.

3) DON'T be ashamed but PRAISE God 1 Peter 4:16
our response to suffering is a reflection of our attitude to God in life.

One family with autistic son could still praise God
the situation brought couple close
father made time for family.
Family showed rest, contentment, peace, joy with God.

How do you respond?

I dont knwo why God
but help me respond correctly...

1 Thess 5:16-18

10% of the outcome of an incident is due to the incident itself
90% of the outcome of an incident is due to our response to the incident

Do we respond with anger, bitterness, rage?
and crash right down??

Or do we demonstrate right attitude
and soar to high altitude?
God help me respond correctly
I trust you God.

Sermon illustration
Case history is shared
two tragedies
one childon bicycle hit by car and died
another family child drowns in swimming pool

one family remain angry with God
spiral downwards
totally crippled

One family
"teach us how to accept and move on and serve God"

4) COMMIT to faithful Creator 1 Peter 4:19
God is faithful
WE need to be faithful
Dont abandon God because of suffering or setback.

5) Continue to DO GOOD 1 Peter 4:19
 Dont lash out
break the deadlock
respond with goodness and grace.

1) DON'T be surprised
3) DON'T be ashamed but PRAISE God
4) COMMIT to faithful Creator
5) Continue to DO GOOD 1 Peter 4:19

Monday, April 14, 2014

20140414 Release

Holy Week Renewal Series

For more freedom
For power in living


Ps Dr Daniel Ho
Monday 14 April 2014
Text Matt 6:9-15

Note: Preaching is a tri-log: Three way talk
Pastor to you
You to pastor
you to your neighbour
your neighbour to you

Interactive pastor
asks you to say "Amen" if you agree

What God has designed for you
Greater freedom and power
depth of livng
quality of life
fullness of life

But there are
that prevent

God wants you to have a
relationship with him

Opportunity for

is at the heart of the Christian message

Why forgive
What happens when you forgive

Why forgive?
1) COMMAND of scripture Col 3:13

2) EXAMPLE of Jesus  Luke 23:34
3) OTHERWISE we cannot come to God in prayer
4) OTHERWISE we cannot know God's forgiveness
    Serious words

How many times must we forgive?
7 times?
77 times?
70X7 = 490 times?

Do not keep reords of wrongs
Reflection of the mercy of God
we sin against God
He has forgiven us way more than 490 times

What happens when you forgive?
1) Sets us free
2) Sets other person free
3) Healing

With unforgiveness
every time you see  or think of that person
something un-nice happens inside
heart flutters
imprisoned by

"I am not prepared to let you go:
We have a score to settle"

Two prisoners
you and him /her

could be from
same clan
same family
same church

cause of fractured crippled church

May look free
may walk freely
BUT are imprisoned
Some for many years

case history example
Badminton doubles champions who wont forgive one another

"My friend I want to let you go"
TWO prisoners set free!

When we forgive there is healing
James 5:16

RECIPIE for great families
 Formula for great families


Why forgive?
1) COMMAND of scripture
2) EXAMPLE of Jesus 
3) OTHERWISE we cannot come to God in prayer
4) OTHERWISE we cannot know God's forgiveness

What happens when you forgive?
1) Sets us free
2) Sets other person free
3) Healing