Monday, December 23, 2013

20131213 The Sign

Carols by Candlelight
Wesley Methodist Church Singapore 
23 December 2013
Rev Raymond Fong

Bible passage : Luke 2:8-14

As the angel spoke of the sign, the Greek word in Like 2:12 for "sign" refers to a Supernatural sign.

WHAT was the sign?
WHO received the sign?
WHY was the sign presented?

WHAT was the sign?

What was this supernatural sign?
A baby wrapped  in cloth and lying in a manger

A picture of vulnerability: a new born child
A picture of humility: lying in a feeding box in a stable

This was God's love reaching out to us in vulnerability and humility.

Reaching out to the vulnerable, the hurt, the sick, the frail.

We need to be transparent and humble to  be vulnerable to God.

WHO received the sign?

Who was this sign revealed to?
NOT to the high and mighty
BUT to the rejected, the least, the lost.

To the shepherds
Considered low status of the community
Long hours out in the field
Dirty smelly no chance to bathe.

They had no rights
No hope 
Lowest of society

YET chosen to be the ones
who witnesses to the revelation by the angel

WHY was the sign presented?

The sign was a direction for a journey
The sign was an invitation to come to Jesus
The sign was an imperative to Go and See the Christ Child

Mary responded with a faith that was seeking to understand.
She did not yet fully understand the implication of the revelation
YET she faith to hold on
She had faith to grow in understanding 

What is the implication for us as believers? 

We can invite pre-believers to come to see the Christ child
Invite them to Christmas services
We can share God's love with them and let them see God's love in us.

The sign leads us to 
Christ the New born babe
Chris the King
Will you receive the Christ Child
May that encounter change you

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