Sunday, January 19, 2014

20140114 Jonah.1

Storm watch: Sketchnotes unpacked
Wesley Methodist Church
Sunday 19 January 2014
Rev Joel Yong

NUS majored in Geography and Englush Literature

Storm watch: Storm likely to take place
Storm warning: Storm will take place

No one likes storms

Jonah 1: two responses to storm 
1 Fear
2 Humilty

Good friend Zul
In army
Storm warning and lightning alert
Went to call in the troops
Struck and killed by lightning.

God uses the pulpit of storms to speak to us.

Jonah told to arise and go
Jonah told to speak against Nineveh.

No "if"s no "buts"

When God gives us an instruction he expects us to obey.

Holding father's hand protects child from running into trolley-storm

When we lulled by familiar territory insist on letting go of God's hand we depend on our own human strength and are at risk of a big storm.

The gentile sailors were alert, and called out to their gods.

The gentile sailors rowed hard but acknowledged they could not reach the land in thieir own strength.

But Jonah, prophet of God went to sleep.
To escape.
In denial.
To hide his sin.

The gentile sailors wake Jonah and call him to pray.

Lot fell in Jonah.
Running away physically from God.
Pushed into a corner.
Challenged by the sailors.
Reaches breaking point.
I ran away from God.
Toss me into the sea.

There was conversion at the point of submission.
The ship out on stormy waters became a place of worship.

Take home message
Submission and surrender.
Storms will quell.
Look for the sovreign God.

All the four gospels quote Jesus:
"He who finds his life will lose it: he who loses his life will find it."

Though the storms of life may blow, you will find peace.

Address: 10 Marina Bay
Marina Bay Sands
At ground level
Carbon monoxide pollution
Taxi engine emission 
Noise pollution...

But move up to a higher plane
57th floor
Peace and tranquility
Move up to a higher plane.

Rocky vs Sandy
Storms WILL come

Hear God's word and obey.
Only then can you fulfil God's purpose in your life.

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