Saturday, February 15, 2014

Missional Christian

MIC Men in Christ monthly lunchtime meeting
Friday 14 February 2014

Henry Tan: Being a Missional Christian

We began with a time of worship
Singing and inviting Spirit of God to come upon us.

And pass it on

The accountant bean counting background of the speaker showed as he rattled of numbers and statistics related to the Missional/ non Missional behavior of surveyed believers.

Being Missional is a mindset and desire: attitude
It is not just ticking off the boxes and doing a set of activities.

Case study
Sarah started a pow shop
Employs disadvantaged kids
Uses profits for orphanages etc

Being wherever God had placed you
You can think
What can I do to make a difference?

Pass God's love: no hidden agenda

Scribed by me

Someone asked my about sketch notes
And Trans World Radio Cambodia

The whole chart

The speaker and the sketcher

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