Saturday, May 10, 2014

20140510 MIC Breakfast Fellowship

Lim Siong Guan
MIC Breakfast Fellowship
: In conversations Lim Siong Guan
10 May 2014

Making good things happen which without you will not happen.
There is a moral dimension

Need to pass leadership down through at least three generations

Steve Job's book
5 cm thick
take home message quotation found on page 3
"The people who are crazy enough
 to think they can change the world,
are the ones who do"

We are called to be salt and light

but what do we do?
we bring needy people to church
 but our behaviour is no different from those int he market place.

How can Christians be different?
Everyone can be a leader to bring change.

Positional leadership
Be the best you can
Harness craetivity in people (synergise)
Be in time for the future.

Traditional apprentiship teached what to do but not why we do what we do.
In passing from 1st generation to 2nd generation
40% loss 60% retained.

In passing from 2nd generation to 3rd generation
60% of 60% retained =30%of original How to do.
but no Why we do what we do.

Needs codification of principles .

The minute you do not know why you do what you are doing you loose direction.

Personal leadership

"Followership" defines leadership.
People follow you if there is something good you have done for them.

A) Lead from IN FRONT
B) Lead from the SIDE: encourage them, let them build their own muscles.
C) Lead from BEHIND: This is your game now.
D) Lead from WITHIN: Even if you are not no longer around, but you reside within them.

The Leader, the teacher and you:
Whati s your role
cf Psalm 23

focus on other-centredness
What people would like their supervisor to be

When Jesus sent the 72,
 he sent them to bring shalom
the blessings of the Lord
even to non-believers.


ie Just go and love them.

God wants us to experience Joy
dont be like a child who when offered a balloon would not choose.

why do you get these leadership oppotunities?
Because you are trustworthy.

make plain your principles

in a new management position ask the staff
tell me 3 things we should stop doing and 3 thinds we should continue doing.

To induce change
NOT "This is wrong"

BUT "Tell me, in ten years what is it we want to be"

Social media
Poblem: People tend to end up talking to themselves

Public trust in govenmen now much lost
"Goverment don't care
government not competent"

public likes to complain but can not offer constructive suggestions...

Need to engage the people in a secure environment
eg in schools

The potential of the country is geography.

Singapore can fit into the "o" of its name.

No one ows us a living
no one else is responsible for defending us.

Our value comes from a sense of predictability and trust.

last 50 years
Reason for success
Singapore: People of trust

Righteousness exalts a nation
people of honour

What views will enhance our future?
when there are differences of view
 we must not tread on the right of those with other views to express their views.

Honour Singapore
Movement to
Honour self
Honour others: parents/ other people
Honour envirnoment.

Need to transmit to our children
need to teach them to think.

Danger of those whodo not think
follow the herd

Pray for Singapore:
How can righteousness prevail

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