Friday, July 11, 2014

Church as community

MIC meet 
Friday 11 July 2014

Jason shared a summary of church camp teaching (Edmund Chan)

Church family 
Word based
Discipleship Community

Word based
Hearers and doers
Firm foundation
Foundation not seen except times of storms

The LKY tree stunted and unhealthy because roots could not grow

Church should be discipleship community
Salt to the earth
Light to the world

Discipleship needs to come from within
Unlike man who swam across shark infested pool only to ask
"Who pushed me"

Church united family
Three causes of tension

Need to work together
Think of one another 
Think of self
Think of responsibility 

Witness as a church family
Don't wait to go on mission trip

Taxi ride provides opportunities

Pray for Divine appointments

Take every opportunity

Not a parachute ministry 
But ministry in community
Be part of the community

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