Sunday, July 12, 2015

Walking with God, self, family and environment

My training walk today was a Divine experience!

I had planned a 3 hour 15 km walk as part of my build up to my 50 km walk on Sept 5. That day it should take 10-12 hours . In the end I did 10 km today in 2 hours .and how glorious those two hours were.

I started by counting my paces, stating to found each pace  (right foot left foot = 1) on the right foot,7,8,9,10
And so on till 100 paces when I fold a finger on left hand and count again
Approximately 600 paces every 5 minutes 

Pacing helps me focus on walking. It keeps my pace steady.

Then I tried music: my iPhone music used to help me rollerblade, so why not listen to music while walking
So I did a few more kilometers walking with music
Classical music
Christian music
It helps me feel good
It helped me build my relationship with myself.

Then I got whatsapp message from wife
And we has a few minutes pleasant whatapping
Walking and building relationship with wife.

Then I decided, if I can talk with wife while walking, I can talk with God while walking.
And I did!

So as I walked, and appreciated the environment (another dimension of my wholistic relational experience of this walk) I said to God in my inner voice "Hello God".
And He says to me (all this in my inner sense, more than imagination, yet not an audible voice)
" Hello Su Min"

"Errr.... it's nice to talk with you like this God"
"Yes it is indeed"

(now as I write this  some 15 hours later, I can't quite remember all the exact words, but it was as real as any conversation can get and went on for about 15 minutes)
"sorry I don't do this often enough"
"It's okay"

And God also said to me something like "you don't have to say anything, just being with me is good enough"

I also committed in prayer as I walked my friends with who were grieving with the recent death of a loved one and those with medical problems
and I received the assurance that God would take care of them.
This inner voice experience was awesome.

I want to go walking again!

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