Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Coordinated strategy for missions

The combined experiences of three consecutive mission trips to Davao, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh caused me to ponder, 
"How can we Wesley Methodist Church Singapore purposely engage with a target community for long term sustainable community development through repeated mission trips?"

A local partner is needed for our occasional visits to make any lasting impact. The local partner is the agency that effects the capacity building of communities for wholistic development. 

In Davao we have Care Channels that is spearheading the experimental farm in Davao and Esperanza.
They are anchoring various livelihood projects such as pig project, goat project, food cart projects.
In Cambodia we have TWRCambodia that broadcasts 5 tracks of evangelical programmers and makes regular follow up visits to listener groups which they impact with capacity building community development lessons.

A good question to ask is "How can we help you do what you need to do?"
Rather than: "Will you help us do what we want to do?"

The Davao team, when offered help, suggested
Medical manpower for mission trips with their mobile ambulance
Teaching methodologies for Sunday school teachers

The Cambodia team has suggested
Joining in Christmas outreach programmes
Supporting community development work in 
Functional English Centre Siem Reap
And others

How can we take it from here?
Missions com FDC organized a meeting to share with small groups

Juliana outlined Indonesia Batam Medan status and opportunities

Cindy covered Camodia, Sri Lanka  and Myanmar

Breakout session reviewed what does missions mean to me.

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