Sunday, June 15, 2014

20140615 Calling on the Father

Found with his head on the chair...

Wesley Methodist Church Singapore
Sunday 15 June 2014
Calling on the Father
Rev Philip Lim
Text John 17:11-26

The cross was looming
Jesus was facing rejection
being foraken
Yet Jesus takes time to pray
For himself
For his people
For you

Jesus prays for your
A) Development
B) Duty
C) Destiny

A) Jesus prays for your DEVELOPMENT
A farmer once put a growing pumpkin into a glass jar
The other pumpkins grew big round and healthy
The pumpkin in a jar was limited by the jar.

 What kind of jar are you putting yourself in?

Jesus wants you to be secure in Christ.
Depend on what God says you are for your value and worth.

Not on what others say,
not on what things you own or what clothes you wear.

Be contented.
Experience joy.

Happiness depends on circumstance.
Joy is rooted in the Lord
and is the work of the Holy Spiri.

Contentment is priceless.
1 Tim 6:6

Be protected
Be in the world but not of the world

Set apart as his witnesses

Resources are provided
Ability to win over temptation
1 Cor 15:57-58
Ability to win over the tempter.
James 4:7

Charlie & son
Charlie's son had just come out of an operation

Son said "Hold my hand daddy, I hurt so much".
Charlie held his son's hand.

Charlie was led to pray
"Hold my hand Father... I hurt...."

B) Jesus prays for our DUTY
For our agreement
For our unity

Disagree without being disagreeable
Do everything you do with a view to unity.

You and I are living advertisments/ witnesses to God.
Live in love

Duty for affection.

B) Jesus prays for our DESTINY.
we are destined to heaven

Prayer is just a matter of having a conversation with Jesus.

Called to a man's sickbed, pastor found an empty chair next to sick man.
"I dont know how to pray but my friend said just put a chair next to me and imagine Jesus is there, and talk to him."

Subsequently he died
Daughter said his head was on the chair

Perhaps he died with his head on the lap of Jesus

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