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20140622 Life Change

Andrea stuck in the ball pool

Rev Joel Yong
22 June 2014
Life Change
aka How God's power comes

John 10:10
I have come that you have abundant life

But not all are experiencing the abundant life
Need change
Need U-turn.

For a car to U-turn
Need to apply brakes
Then apply accelerator.

Need to stop what is harmful
Need to start what is helpful

But this is not easy
Especially if you are stuck in a bad habit

Many stumble at the first rung of the ladder

We want proof before we start
Eg proof that dieting work
Eg proof that counseling work

But that is not how God works

Faith is living in advance what you will see in future

Nick Grumble
The ship is only safe in habour
But if you want to go anywhere you have to move out.

Exodus 14:13-14
Chariots were chasing the Israelites.
God says "Do not be afraid. Stand still."

Red Sea had not yet parted.
Nor did the Israelites know that it would.
Israelites were trapped.
Egyptians were advancing.
Yet God wants them to stand still!

Joshua 3:8
similar situation.
Enemies advancing.
"Take a few steps into the river and stop there"
They obeyed and the River Jordon parted!

John 2:7-9
at the banquet
The wine ran out
The servants were told to fill the jars with water and serve the guests.

It was while they obeyed that the miracle occurred.

Luke 17:14. 
The lepers were told
"Go and show."
And as they went, they were cleansed.
(It is not that they were healed then they went..)

As they went, power came along .

Why does God do this?
(Require us to obey Him without proof?)

2 Kings 5
Naaman and Elisha

Naaman had leprosy
Was told that Elisha could heal him.
Stopped outside Elisha's house.
Was told by messenger
"Wash yourself 7 times in Jordon River"

Naaman was angry
Bigger issue was pride
Prophet would not see him face to face
asked Naaman to wash in dirty river
Syrian rivers are cleaner

But it is not about the cleanliness of the Syrian rivers
But about the power of God

Naaman is persuaded to try washing in the Jordan
And indeed it works
He is cured of leprosy

And he believes!

"Now I know there is no God in the world except in Israel."

He even thinks Israel's dirt is better than Syrian dirt.

God's power had stripped away his pride.

Max Lucado tells how his daughter Andrea was collecting balls in a ball pool.
Andrea slipped and was at the bottom of the ball pool.
"Andrea" Max shouted "push down on the floor and you will be able to get up"
"I can't, my hands are full of balls" she replied.

What do we need to let go of in order to get up?

2 Cor 5:7
We live by faith not by sight.

Although the motto is faster, higher, better...
These achievements are mainly the result of better technology. 
Cinder track vs modern surfaces
Hole in cinder vs starting blocks...

If you truly want better you need God.

Pastor Joel was in his 3rd year university course when he felt called to full time service . He responded by applying for theological studies. Now he has been in ministry for the last 12 years.

Is God calling you to change?

Body weight?
     To mend?
      To break?
Join a small group?

Whatever the change
God is saying
I will give you strength 
Strength for the first step
Strength for the first day 
And the next 
And the next.

Will you take the step of faith
Will you change?

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