Wednesday, April 1, 2015

20150401 Extravagent

Extravagent love: for Jesus, from Jesus
Mark 14:1-9
1 April 2015
Rev Dr Tan Siang-Yang

Probably Wednesday
but could be Tuesday
Was there1, 2 or 3 different anointings?
Probably two
Luke's was one
Matthew and Mark refer to the same:

What would you do if you had only two days more live?
Sobering question
Face your mortality

You are not ready to fully live
 until you are  ready to fully die

Teach us to number our days

Jesus went to Bethany
to home of dear friends
for quiet time
Simon, probably healed
yet still stigmatised

woman anoints him
no holding back
the whole thing
she gave her everything

Jesus saw crucifixion ahead
and looking beyond he saw Easter, Resurrection
so he could predict the good news, the gospel would be preached
and this woman remembered

Giveyourwhole lift Jesus
100% of what I am and all I have
comes from God

New Testament
no more tithes
only 100%
Is God stingy or generous, extravagant?
If you think God stingy your Christian life will be stingy too.

If you think God generous, extravagant your Christian life will generous and extravagant.

Sometimes we have a one off opportunity a Kairos moment
Grab it
She touched Jesus heartland lifted his spirits when he was hurting.

Come and share in Jesus suffering

Suffering is not the last word
God is the last word
There is hope

Always pray for healing
Remeber God can heal
on earth or 
in heaven
His choice

God answers prayers
  • YES- with pleasure 
  • YES- and there is more (Eph 3:20)
  • NO- not now = wait (Patience is a cardinal virtue)
  • NO - final answer : Because I love you too much.

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