Sunday, April 5, 2015

20150405 Easter Gifts

This is the word of God
Thanks be to God!
"BUT in fact, Christ has been raised from the dead"

When we think of gifts we usually think of Christmas
Jesus came at Christmas to give us
FREEDOM from our past
POWER for our present and
ASSUARANCE for our future.

We also think of spiritual gifts

At Easter we think of
New Life (as symbolised by Easter egg)

With Easter comes three gifts
* PAST is forgiven
* POWER to change
* PROMISES secured.

* PAST is forgiven
Christ has taken our charge sheet and 
stamped on it "acquitted"
"not guilty"

SIN is living your life not according to God
Centre of SIN is the letter "I"

How do you spend your

HOW to receive this forgiveness?

*CONFESS your sin to God
  are you CEO Christian?
  Christmas and Easter Only?
  Never mind
   If you confess you sin you will receive mercy

*CLAIM God's promise
  God will forgive you
  How many times should I forgive?

  Phrases taught 3 times
  Peter answered 7 times
  Jesus responded 70X7 times
  = 490 times
  = no limit

God's forgiveness is unlimited
God's love is unlimited

Reconciliation takes time
Trust takes time.

If you are a habitual sinner, God's grace applies.

*CONFESS your sin to one other person
Sin lurks in the dark
Bring it out into the light (By confessing to another person)

Your confession should be

* POWER to change

*CONFESS you can not do it (change from sin) alone
  you can not do it in your own strength
   "Apart from me you can do nothing"
*Develop spiritual discipline
  Read bible
  memorise bile verse
*COUNT on God to change you

* PROMISES secured.
  Jesus is Risen
All promises of God have been fulfilled in Christ

Have you received these these three Easter gifts?
* PAST is forgiven
* POWER to change
* PROMISES secured.

New believer's prayer
"God I have not figured out everything.
I believe Jesus rose from the dead.
Because of that I believe in Jesus.
I believe in your promises
I welcome Jesus into my life"

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