Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MJC22 Mon 17 Mar Luke 4-6

After the temptation Jesus is filled with the spirit
He comes to preach to the poor
Give freedom for prisoners
Sight forthe blind
Release the oppressed

Su Mi
What are you poor in?
What is your prison?
What is your blindness?

OT references
many widows in Israel vs widow in Zaraphath in Sidon
Many lepers in Israel vs Namaan the leper in Syria

Speaks to me of OT outreach beyond Israel
We needto extend beyond church to the wider community
and the regions beyond.

Two boats
left there by fishersmen
Text speaks to me of utilizing local resources
an of unused resources

 BOATS teach me
A) when going, adapt local recources
B) At home what are your dormant unused resources?

Jesus reached out to touch the leper and heal

Who of the marginalized do I shrink away from?

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