Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MJC23 Tuesday 18 March Luke 7-9

Faith of the Centurion
Hope for the Gentiles
That we in Asia also can have great faith 
(Even though all that is needed is a little faith, little as a mustard seed)

Blind see
Lame walk
Lepers cured
Deaf hear
Dead raised
Good news proclaimed

Jesus led a WHOLISTIC ministry
So should we

Alabaster jar
Extravagant love revisited
See my notes on MJCD18 Thursday March 13

Alabaster Jar
Mary Magdelene
And many others

Used their own means to support 
Luke 8:2-3

Importance of women in kingdom work

Parable of the sower
Good soil: yields 100x

Lamp on stand

Jesus rebukes and calms the storm

Jairus 12 year old daughter
Bleeding woman

Healed by faith
Father's faith
Bleeding woman faith
Blind mans faith

Importance of praying for our family members

Harvest is plenty ful
Workers few

Today take home message
Gospel message is 

Absorb it and transmit to others !

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