Wednesday, April 16, 2014

20140416 Revival

Even F1 cars need pit stop

Wednesday 16 April 2014
Wesley Methodist Church
Pastor Dr Daniel Ho
Text Acts 3:12-26

Seven marks of revival
1) REPENT from sin
2) RETURN to God
3) REMISSION of sin
4) REFRESHING from the Lord
5) RECEIVE Christ
6) RESTORE everything
7) REFORM society

1) REPENT from sin
God wants us to repent from sin as a prerequisite for revival

we do wrong
even as Christians
we need to repent
ask for forgiveness
that we may be clean

that God would come with mercy and grace

2) RETURN to God
that times of refreshing may come

Believe there is a maker
Spectacles have maker
Clothes have maker
Watch has maker
Our bodies have maker

3) REMISSION of sin
Remissions = forgiveness
Unilateral decision of forgiveness
Not waiting for you to be up to the mark
God just wants to forgive you

Done something so bad that it can not be forgiven?
Heavy weight on your shoulders?
Big burden?

No matter how bad
God says "Your sins are forgiven"
Wiped clean
No longer condemned
No longer guilty

There is no one too bad for God
There is no one too good for God

4) REFRESHING from the Lord
Step back
Step down
Give space  to God

Feeling palpitations?
Rush rush rush
No wonder there are so many "Russians" in Singapore

God needs to tap you on the back to say"Slow down"

Even F1 race cars need pit stops.

5) RECEIVE Christ
To be Lord and Savior of your life
He has been appointed for you.

Jesus and only Jesus is the hope of the world

Beginning of transformation

And if you have Jesus you must be willing to share.

eg Mentakali, toilet attendant from India
met in Presidential Palace Abiu Dabai
Ps Daniel met him, shared Gospel, led him to Christ.

 Keys and secrets
turn occasions to opportunities

At coffeeshop look for table with one person
Hello my name is Daniel
What is yours.. Muthu

I am pastor, what do you do? Driver for MBJ
Are you Christian? No I am Indian

clarified: Hindu married two children
calling card given, invited to DUMC

Hallelujah laksa stall PJ
waiting in line
share umbrella
share gospel

At service with altar call, son pushes up father's hand
brings father forward
"My father only understand hokkien"
Pastor Daniel English only
mustered up fractured Hokkien enough to pray
son cried!

Nipah Virus
80 died
many farmers sick (Foochow)
visited hospital
patient needed prayer
Hakka Hokkien pastor with Foochow wife prays in fractured Foochow

Just be thick skinned for Jesus

win one soul and mentor for one year
each of the two you win one soul and mentor for next year
each of the four you win one soul and mentor for next year

how long will it take to save the world?
by year 30: one billion
by year 33: the whole world

6) RESTORE everything
lost time : Locusts have eaten: The canker worms

when revival comes there will be a breakthough.

Bhudddist leader invited for a "meeting" at dream centre
"Everything I heard and saw was good"
"I will bring my son here next Sunday."

7) REFORM society
though your offsprings:
all peoples on earth will be blessed
Church is hope of society
Church is hope of nations
Church is hope of the world

Design of God
Transformation of society
Pulpit ministry is moral barometer of the nation.

Transformation from inside
You and I hold the key

We have been touched by Jesus
We need to let others be touched.

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