Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Malachi Part2

Count your blessings
Oh Lord thank you that everyday is not like this!

Malachi Part 2
Set your heart to worship
Ps Benny Ho
Toa Payoh Methodist Church
25 March 2015

Book of Malachi can be seen to have a rope
connecting Malachi 1:2 I have loved you
(God's love for us today)
to Malachi 4:2 A promise for the future/  tomorrow

Take home message
three elements for worship
1) Heart of Honour
"Kabud" Hebrew word
Give weight
Make God a heavy weight
He is no Ikan Bilis
He is a whale
Stand in awe
Attach high value
The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart
Not the value of the offering but the character

Leadership is important
That is why Malachi begins by addressing the Levi, the priests

2) Life of Authenticity
Say what you mean and mean what you say
Sermon illustration
John attended church every sunday with his wife and three children
Pastor noted John would never sing
"Why?" Pastor asked John
"Because I can't mean those words"
"I wished we had more members like you" Pastor said

One day John sang "Take my life and let it be"
He went on to sell everything he had to take care of 21 elderly folks
Need to restore to church FEAR OF THE LORD

3) Attitude of Gratitude

Serve out of gratitude not out of obligation
For every blessing received turn it back to praise
else it will become pride

"Every where I press I feel pain" said patient
After Xray was told 
"everything OK except your finger"

moral of the story:
get the right diagnosis
If feeling burdened when serving church
"My turn again?!"
= sign of spiritual boredom 
need to examine attitude

Take home message
three elements for worship
1) Heart of Honour
2) Life of Authenticity
3) Attitude of Gratitude

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