Monday, March 30, 2015

20150330 Exposing

Holy Week

Exposing barrenness
Cleansing of temple
Cursing of fig tree
Rev Dr Tan Siang Yang
Text Mark 11:12-25

Denouncing the temple
Cursing of  the temple
Exposing the barren lives

Tree with many  leaves but without fruit
it was pre-season
therefore should have delicate small sweet pre-season fruit
Tree was all show with no fruit
Temple was all show with no fruit

Many affluent churches
attempt to bring MBA business world ways into church
Bigger Better Faster Newer
Dangerous being caught up with numbers
These are the outward show
these are the leaves

Do not try to great things for God
Instead simply do things for a great God

God may say
"I want you to nothing for 3 months"
"I want you to go into the wilderness  for 3 months"

We can only do small things with great love (Mother Teresa)

Or God may say to you
"I want you to do a big thing"

Not so much understand the word
but stand under the word!

Primary goal of church is NOT growth
Primary goal of church is GOD

Buzz for
or Servant Leadership
BUT Jesus emphasis was on servanthood 
Jesus has called all of us to servanthood 

The heart of the matter is
the mater of the heart

Loving Jesus
Loving others
NEVER in your own strength
BUT empowered by Holy Spirit

Confidence in God
(Faith can move mountains)
(Trust God)
(Talk with God)

With brokenness comes repentance

We can bear FRUIT only through

The tree was cursed and withered
The temple was reprimanded and replaced by Jesus

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